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The “Legacy” 1830 Book of Mormon Exact Replica in Lambskin

The “Legacy” 1830 Book of Mormon Exact Replica

The Legacy Book of Mormon is a hand-bound facsimile of the original 1830 edition of the Book of Mormon, which was published in Palmyra, New York, by Joseph Smith, Jr., and printed by E. B. Grandin. My father, J. Lowell Young, hand bound the Book of Mormon facsimiles used in the filming of the LDS Church movie Legacy in 1990, so I refer to this facsimile edition bound in that style as the “Legacy” edition.

Legacy 1830 Book of Mormon Replica

I bind the Legacy Book of Mormon in genuine sheepskin — one copy at a time, by hand — just as the 1830 edition was bound. I pay great attention to every detail of the original binding to produce a facsimile with as authentic a look and feel as possible. The black title label on the spine is genuine leather, positioned and imprinted in genuine 22k gold just as on the 1830 edition. I create the gold “finishing lines” on the spine using antique brass finishing tools just like those used in 1830.

The end papers in the Legacy Book of Mormon are of handmade paper; the book pages are photo-offset reproductions of an actual 1830 edition (published by Herald Publishing House in Independence, Missouri). I speckle the edges of the pages as they were on the first edition. I then slightly round the back or spine of the book and glue the leather cover directly to the spine, as it was in 1830.

Very few people will ever see the Book of Mormon as it was first published to the world — typeset in lengthy paragraphs without verse numbers, with numerous typesetting errors and spelling variations of the day, and hand bound in genuine sheepskin in the common binding style of the 1830s. The few surviving first editions are valued at tens of thousands of dollars each. But you can experience firsthand the look and feel — and the spirit — of the first edition of the Book of Mormon when you read this Legacy edition, individually hand bound by me in the tradition of my father, especially for you.

Legacy 1830 Book of Mormon Replica - Cover

E-mail me if you would like me to bind a Legacy Book of Mormon for your personal library or for you to give as a treasured gift to a family member or friend.


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