MOST POPULAR- Scriptures Only Quad – (all scriptures in one volume, references in another)

“Scriptures Only” Quad (all scriptures in one volume), with separate References volume.

This is our most popular custom scriptures. I separate the reference volumes: The Index, Topical Guide, and Bible Dictionary, and put them in their own Reference Guide, about the size of the Triple Combination.

Then I combine the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price all into one volume, that is about the size of the standard Bible.


This makes the Quad much easier to hold, and references can be side-by-side on the desk for easy lookup of material while studying scriptures.

Scriptures Only Quad plus separate Reference Guide

Scriptures Only Quad plus separate Reference Guide – By Steve Rasmussen, Master Bookbinder

One comment

  1. Jim Millecam says:

    Curious whether you use some existing scriptures or start from a new version.

    Also, Jim Evans is a friend of mine – we served in a Bishopric together.

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